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Special Edition - Ghosts

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"Ghosts" From the series The Sun Sets Midafternoon

8" x 10" image 

Archival pigment print on rag paper

Special limited edition of 25

This fundraiser print supports my attending the Chulitna Artist Fellowship and the Canadian Red Cross, assisting people directly affected by the Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada Fires.

I am delighted to announce that I’ve been selected as a Chulitna Artist Fellow, and will be spending most of my summer working on a new body of work in the Alaskan bush. I’m honored to be selected and can’t wait for this opportunity to slow down a little bit and spend time in the landscapes I love making work. As part of the fellowship, I will also be giving a public presentation of my work and donating a piece at the end of my time in Alaska to their archive.

I’ve been on 50+ fires over the past several years, but in many ways it started with this one, the Bridger Foothills Fire. I visit this this burn area every time I am home in Montana, but this photograph was from the first time I walked up above town after the fire. Much of the writing from the project has been first set down to paper on walks through burn perimeters like that one, when I am sat in the ash writing in a soot smudged journal, compiling my experiences, the stories others share with me, and reflecting on the great grief of watching climate change play out right before our eyes.

Orders places by June 29th will be shipped before July 1st. Orders placed after June 29th will ship after the conclusion of the fellowship in late August. 

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