Handmade Books

Limited Edition Handmade Artist Books


Handmade drumleaf book showcasing the community, culture, and process of woodfired ceramics. 

Edition 0f 12



Coming Soon

Handmade drumleaf book exploring the healing aspects and pilgrimages to geothermal springs. 

Off Season

Handmade single signature book of images from Livingston, Montana, a flyfishing destination, in it's winter off season. 

Edition of 15


Please email to request video of limited edition handmade books

Personalized Handmade Books

Memory Books

There's something about holding a book full of pictures in your hands. We look through them much more often when we can pull it off the shelf, or pick it up off the coffee table an flip through to our favorite page instead of navigating through a maze of digital files. 
To create memory books, I work one on one with you to organize your images and design a beautiful, unique book to preserve your memories. 

Some examples of these are books about your hometown, your family, or a trip. 

New Moments

In addition to creating books from your memories, I love working with people to capture new moments and preserve them in a book.  This service combines professional photography - so you can enjoy the moment - and bookmaking, so you can preserve it
Some examples are family photos, weddings, vacations, or towns. 

Please contact me for more details regarding Personalized Handmade Books



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